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This week I had an opportunity to contribute to a wonderful podcast at Skin Care Talk Radio, and ask can you over moisturize the skin? To answer this question I had to explain the science of ingredients on the skin using my experience as a scientific researcher and the founder of NuVsio, a purity skincare focused company founded in 2011. Our main goal at NuVsio is to uniquely combine the purity of nature through a targeted scientific approach that ultimately produces exquisite mineral-based all-natural products with remarkable benefits. Following my passion for skin treatments and skin care started through my acne ravaged youth.  I have suffered with severe acne for years. I have also done some modeling in my youth, and the heavy makeup that is applied is almost like wearing a saran wrap on your face. It can ravage anyone’s skin, especially someone who has sensitive acne prone skin. So here I am some 15 years later and I am trying to revolutionize the skincare industry.  Today I would like to discuss with you something one of my colleagues brought up. Is it possible to over-moisturize our skin? Our skin is a living and breathing organ. On average our skin covers 3000 square inches, it is by far the largest organ in the human body. It is burdened with a difficult task of keeping the outside out and to do that our skin relies on three main layers. All the skin layers play important roles in your body, but it’s the top layer that we touch and feel, called the epidermis. This layer consists of dead skin cells which act as our protective shield, they are our armor. And this armor, it needs moisture and is entrusted with the act of keeping the dry outer areas from dehydrating you. But how do they do that? They do that by essentially having a layer of water-resistant wax and oil that covers your skin, which is your natural sebum. And one of my colleagues in the scientific field inquired if it’s possible to over moisturize. A funny side story, this colleague has an aunt that they call Aunt Shiny. Maybe all of us know someone that always seems to be moisturizing the skin with a greasy-looking, glistening effect on the face. Is this good or bad? Well when we look at the scientific empirical data on this, it shows

We are excited to share with you that our therapeutic duo now comes in a luxurious gift box and offers the skin all it needs for optimal purity and radiance! Our multi-functional NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask is enriched with a proprietary blend of natural active minerals that gently detoxify and purify skin texture by absorbing excess oil and removing impurities. Our luxurious NuVsio Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate, an instantly hydrating face balm, heals parched skin by helping to replenish and protect vital moisture reserves. Paired together, these two deluxe active mineral therapy products will help restore a healthier looking complexion and rebalance troubled skin. More importantly, they prime the skin so it is prepared to receive all the benefits from any subsequent treatment products. Our gift set includes a Metal Compression Key, an ingenious and effortless tool enables you to squeeze your prized NuVsio product to the last precious drop. Your skin deserves a pure fresh start. Be pure, start pure. NuVsio.

Mankind always had an obsession with gold. From the Egyptians who used gold as a sacrifice for the Sun God, to Aztecs who treated gold as a substance from Gods, to our modern fixation on this precious metal. Gold was historically thought of as a prized precious metal. Even today at the Olympic Games a gold medal is awarded as the top prize. In another far flung scientific field, another obsession is looming, that of the Nanotechnology and the seeming endless benefits it promises. Nanotechnology is a relatively new field, and is mainly focused in the fields of electronics and medicine, but is spreading through the science of dermatology into topical skin care treatments. We see it used in consumer products including sunscreens, cosmetics and perfumes in the form of Nanoparticles. What are Nanoparticles? They are generally classed as any particle that is 100 nm or smaller in size, that is one hundred thousandth the size of a grain of rice. The power of going “nano” is that any particle at this size begins to exhibit special characteristics due to the overall surface area that it generates, and other more selective surface chemistries that are exhibited. However, the concern is that on such a small scale nanoparticles can penetrate the skin barrier causing allergic reactions, dermatitis and hypersensitivity. For example, sunscreens using nanoparticle technology can generate reactive oxygen species and be harmful to the skin. Also on the nano-scale, penetration into the cell wall is possible, but may not be beneficial, based on the particle in question. It has been popular in recent years to include colloidal gold, a suspension of gold nanoparticles in water, in cosmetics as a luxurious ingredient that is good for skin. Some of the cosmetics companies’ claim that colloidal gold promotes anti-aging by strengthening and firming the skin. Other claims include reduction in inflammation and damaged skin healing. In fact, there is no scientific basis for any of these claims because gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements. Gold nanoparticles cannot release gold ions and thus are inert. They potentially have little to no effect on the skin, and any negative side effects are uncertain. Although it is still important to use nanoparticles in therapeutic applications, such as skin care imaging, drug/ vaccine delivery, and wound healing, their place in cosmetics is highly contested and unclear. Do not believe the hype and save

NuVsio was honored to be featured in FASHION AFFAIR special issue on best emollients of 2013. Our Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate made the list. People often give up on their dreams of looking as “pulled together” as they used to be. Before you go off the deep end, give NuVsio your undivided attention. Its like a trip to the spa, each and every moment you can. Detoxifying Minerals, Pomegranate Seed, Argan Oils, and so much more go to work, deeply and sincerely. ***Perfect for sensitive and troubled skin For the full article click HERE

  As we set our clocks back in an annual return to standard time, its not just our clocks that need some tuning. Is it possible that our skin has an internal clock? And if it does, can the clock break? The main function of human skin is to protect our internal organs from the potential dangers of the external elements. Our skin adjusts to environmental factors, including UV radiation from the sun, pathogens, wind, heat, cold, and anything else thrown at us, by having an internal biological clock which follows circadian rhythms. Janich and colleagues have published a study in the journal of Nature (2011) and a follow up study in the journal Cell Stem Cell (2013) showing that daily regeneration of skin is time-dependent. Circadian rhythms control precise timing of skin cells’ behavior during the 24 hour day period. When the sunlight is at its peak, human stem cells protect themselves against radiation-induced DNA damage by activating the genes involved in UV protection at that time of the day. At night stem cells divide and regenerate, replacing damaged cells with healthy ones. However, if there is a disruption of circadian rhythm, the stem cells accumulate DNA damage, which leads to premature aging and cancer development. With aging our circadian clock loses its accuracy, causing failure for our cells to regenerate, leading to greater potential for tumor development. So what can we do? Knowing that the skin changes in appearance from day to night can help us use the skin’s circadian rhythms to our advantage. Using NuVsio Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate in the morning boosts the skin’s levels of natural antioxidant protection against sun’s UV radiation and other environmental factors. The night application helps regenerate the damaged skin cells and provides hydration. It is also important to get 7-8 hours of sleep to give the skin time to repair itself at night, at least on the weekends. Wishing you a healthy, glowing skin,   Dr. Brei, PhD NuVsio Founder

What a fabulous year for NuVsio! Since we launched our line last fall we had the opportunity to be part of some incredible events. • Oct 2013, San Francisco, California—It was a privilege to be part of Fortune’s Magazine Top 40 Under 40 Gala last year and provide current and previous Fortune 40 Under 40 list-makers and VIP guests with our popular NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask. • Jan 2014, Beverly Hills, California—Then we were off to the 71st Golden Globes! The gift bags to the stars contained our coveted NuVsio products in the Golden Globes Luxury Style Suite. • Jun 2014, Los Angeles, California—We were flattered to hear that the 5th Annual New Media Film Festival wanted us to gift legendary and iconic filmmakers Roger Corman and John Carpenter. They loved our products so much that we were more than happy to provide our NuVsio products for the presenters and the host as well! • Jun 2014, Los Angeles, California—Then we were overjoyed when BET team asked us to be a part of their official gift bags at the BET Awards this summer. All the celebrities received our NuVsio Active Mineral Facial Treatment line. • Sep 2014, New York, New York—Finally we wrapped up the year with New York Fashion Week, when NuVsio was an official gift sponsor for Russell Simmons’ Argyleculture Fashion Week this fall. “Thank you to everyone that we had an honor working with! I also want to personally and deeply thank incredible fans of NuVsio and our fantastic team. Our first year has been phenomenal and I am so proud of everything we have accomplished. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey” Dr. Brei, PhD NuVsio Founder Why are NuVsio products so popular with the celebrities? It may be due to Dr. Brei’s concentrated blend of luxurious minerals from the world’s purest reserves. Dr. Brei sources the purest ingredients, concentrating them to their maximal purest potential. It is the concentrated purity of NuVsio formula that allows for detoxification to occur through the Active Mineral Sequestration process. A process that over long periods of time, produces a truly crafted luxury experience. So go ahead, start pure!

Plastic microbeads are incorporated in everything from facial cleansers to toothpaste. They are used widely in the cosmetic industry to give the sensory experience and have little to no supplemental benefits. Once discharged into the waste water streams, it was feared that their small size would allow them to bypass the waste water processing plants filter mechanism, and thus they would end up in the world’s seas and oceans. Well, that is no longer a theory, as they have been detected in fresh water bodies, such as lakes and rivers, posing more risk to the aquatic life. Specifically, a research team from McGill University and the Canadian government have discovered  beads which have settled at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River. The St. Lawrence river is the key river outlet for the Great Lakes, and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. So why are these beads so concerning? Toxic polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) tend to latch onto the microbeads and then get eaten by fish who mistake the beads for a food source ( they look very similar to fish eggs). Concentrating within the fish fat reserves, the PCBs eventually work up the food chain affecting the health of those who consume them (i.e., birds, animals and humans). All this just for an artificial feel of ultra-clean. Furthermore, the beads are large enough to damage your skin, as their size and macro abrasive action can rupture capillaries, and tear at the skin's delicate surface. In Dr. Brei’s opinion, these microbeads can have a detrimental effect not only on the environment and your health but on your skin as well. What you can do is to simply choose a face wash and toothpaste without any synthetic microbeads. For an exfoliating product that offers a deep cleansing effect, at NuVsio we have incorporated ultra-fine natural mineral exfoliants that work to offer a microdermabrasion effect. You do not see the natural mineral beads with NuVsio, but they will leave your skin smooth and ultra-clean without harming us or the environment. Wishing you a healthy, glowing skin, Dr. Brei, PhD NuVsio Founder

As a professional model, my skin must always be looking its best. Unfortunately, getting makeup applied, stripped off and then reapplied a few more times throughout a working day can be very taxing on my skin. My poor, dry, acne prone face was crying for a break. Thankfully, I was introduced to Dr. Brei’s Nuvsio Purity products. I saw a noticeable difference in my skin within the first use. The uneven texture and discoloration began to improve immediately, and my breakouts disappeared much more quickly and eventually stopped occurring all together! The Purifying Mineral Mask and Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate are must-haves for anyone with problem skin, or even just to keep your skin looking and feeling its most radiant. --Alice Panikian Follow Alice on her Instagram

Recently, during a dinner event with my husband, I had an unexpected surprise run-in with one of my long time university colleagues and his wife, both world-class protein researchers. His wife in particular is an expert in elastin, a critical component to skin as well as overall cardiovascular and body health. Elastin is found in any elastic connective tissue and is responsible for tissue resilience, texture, and quality. It is amazing the depth of knowledge today’s science has with respect to how proteins such as elastin and collagen function in both skin as well as the body in general. Every year new insights are unearthed. It is also incredible to hear an expert speak candidly about how technological advancement in elastin research, which is geared to cardiovascular health, is at times used as a marketing tool to promote and sell ineffective and scientifically deceptive claims for skin care products.  In the case of elastin, the addition of this protein to a topical treatment or cream cannot help to replace, rejuvenate or in any way promote healthier skin tissue. When we do look at scientific peer reviewed journals, what we do find is an interesting link with elastin and minerals.  Elastase is an enzyme which degrades structural proteins, including elastin. It has been shown that certain mineral mixtures, such as those used in NuVsio products, have the ability to effectively inhibit elastase activity. This is why using the right mineral combination is key to maintaining a dermal cell population in the skin. As always we at NuVsio stand behind our products and aspire to the highest standards. We strive to continue to exceed our expectations and settle for nothing but the purest, most concentrated, natural products we can find. If you have any concerns, please contact me directly at info@nuvsio.com. Wishing you a healthy, glowing skin, Dr. Brei, PhD NuVsio Founder