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Recently, during a dinner event with my husband, I had an unexpected surprise run-in with one of my long time university colleagues and his wife, both world-class protein researchers. His wife in particular is an expert in elastin, a critical component to skin as well as overall cardiovascular and body health. Elastin is found in any elastic connective tissue and is responsible for tissue resilience, texture, and quality. It is amazing the depth of knowledge today’s science has with respect to how proteins such as elastin and collagen function in both skin as well as the body in general. Every year new insights are unearthed. It is also incredible to hear an expert speak candidly about how technological advancement in elastin research, which is geared to cardiovascular health, is at times used as a marketing tool to promote and sell ineffective and scientifically deceptive claims for skin care products.  In the case of elastin, the addition of this protein to a topical treatment or cream cannot help to replace, rejuvenate or in any way promote healthier skin tissue. When we do look at scientific peer reviewed journals, what we do find is an interesting link with elastin and minerals.  Elastase is an enzyme which degrades structural proteins, including elastin. It has been shown that certain mineral mixtures, such as those used in NuVsio products, have the ability to effectively inhibit elastase activity. This is why using the right mineral combination is key to maintaining a dermal cell population in the skin. As always we at NuVsio stand behind our products and aspire to the highest standards. We strive to continue to exceed our expectations and settle for nothing but the purest, most concentrated, natural products we can find. If you have any concerns, please contact me directly at info@nuvsio.com.

Wishing you a healthy, glowing skin,

Dr. Brei, PhD NuVsio Founder