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“Struggling with Severe Sensitivity
& Inflammation, I had to develop

Holistic Solutions

to truly transform my skin”
Discover Dr. Brei’s revolutionary technology and the science behind NuVsio
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Active Mineral Facial Treatment


This therapeutic duo offers all you need for optimal skin health, purity and radiance. Repair years of damage and protect your skin in 2 easy steps.

What is the skin microbiome?
What to expect after 4 weeks


15% Skin Tone & Clarity Improvement
49% Pore Size Reduction
67% Redness Reduction
90% Oily Skin Reduction

Laboratory assessment on 19 participants with underlying skin conditions & dysbiosis. Average std dev 34%

Helps to Calm and Heal all


Rosacea, Eczema, Acne, Atopic Dermatitis, Inflammation, Allergies, Sensitivity, Redness and more…

Sharing the Love

“The testimonials and feedback we receive is genuine and always welcome. From runway models, celebrity makeup artists, beauty editors, and thousands of others, we thank you all for taking the time to share with us your NuVsio experience. Your feedback is something we cherish, and it propels us to do more”. Dr. Brei

"NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask is one of my all-time favourite go-to products because it does so much….I have to say it’s a game changer when I use a small amount as a second cleanse, taking time to really massage it in. It’s one of those products I don’t want to be without."

SHERI STROH Professional Makeup and Hair Artist for Plutino Group

"[I use The Purifying Mineral Mask] 2-3 times a week, because it really does have really strong mineral ingredients. It feels really, really nice on the skin and doesn’t strip the skin of the natural oils from your skin or…imbalance the pH levels."

AYSHA HARUN YouTube Beauty Blogger and Influencer

“Since using NuVsio, my skin has completely changed for the better. No more rosacea, no more eczema or dry patches and no more acne flare ups! My skin is now hydrated and fresh!”

JAQUELINE GIDEON Celebrity Makeup Artist

“The Purifying Mineral Mask and Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate are must-haves for anyone with problem skin, or even just to keep your skin looking and feeling its most radiant.”

ALICE PANIKIAN /2006 Miss Universe Canada , Professional Model, Lifestyle Blogger ‘The Bronde’

“I noticed my skin looking better almost immediately. There was an evenness and brightness in my complexion. I also love that this is an all-natural product. I’m a NuVsio addict.”

HAHA ZALZAL Founder of CARGO Cosmetics
Purifying Mineral Mask


Stop damaging your precious microbiome through constant over-cleansing.

A damaged microbiome can lead to sensitivity, inflammation, rosacea, acne, dermatitis, eczema & a diverse variety of persistent unhealthy skin conditions.

Discover how NuVsio technology protects and repairs.

Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate


Long term skin microbiome protection via Mineral Silk Technology for a deep-down radiant complexion.

True results that last and last and last.

2 Step Active Mineral Facial Treatment


Restore the microbiome & effectively treat inflamed & irritated skin. All-natural state-of-the-art technology that delivers Skin Health by nurturing the Essential Microbiome.

Resilience is built by healing the underlying condition. Dr. Brei

Skin Optimized Line


For those seeking healthy & glowing complexion, our line is FOR ALL SKIN TYPES & gender neutral

Discover long-term skin health enhancement


Range of Products

Nurturing and protecting the microbiome, click below to learn more.

For skin health and healthy beauty insights, connect with Dr. Brei at info@nuvsio.com or @
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