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History of NuVsio’s Science & Insights

Dr. Brei’s doctoral studies at the prestigious University of Toronto’s Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry department encompassed both water and microbiome research. With this robust research insight and deep perspective into the microbial world, Dr. Brei established a uniquely powerful foundation for her skin care research. Today, Dr. Brei lives in Toronto Canada with her husband and two children.

NuVsio Minerals Support a Healthy Skin Microbiome by providing a ‘Second Skin’ protective layer against Environmental stressors, toxins and pollution.

Wishing you a happy, healthy microbiome, and glowing skin,
Dr. Elena Brei, PhD
NuVsio Founder, Researcher and Glowing Skin Ambassador

Dr. Brei describes how we work at NuVsio & what we believe in.

Importance of


What is it & why we should nurture it

The Skin Microbiome is a diverse self-sustaining ecosystem of millions of microorganisms. These microorganisms play a critical role in the health of our skin, which translates into the way our skin looks, feels and behaves. These symbiotic microorganisms protect us against many skin conditions, diseases, and can even fight against some skin cancers. The microbiome releases skin healthy chemistries that help protect the skin as well as the microbiome, like a miniature health engine it protects both itself and us.

Truly a win-win symbiotic relationship. Our obsession with cleanliness and our use of harsh cosmetics and cleansers has led to dramatically decreased microbial biodiversity and gave rise to more unfavourable skin conditions. This Microbial Imbalance (termed dysbiosis) can result in skin disorders or infections that manifest themselves as inflamed and blemish-prone skin. Scientifically we know that skin with a less diverse skin microbiome compared to healthy skin is far more prone to conditions such as rosacea, eczema, acne, and atopic dermatitis, and more.

Why are we talking about the microbiome at all?

History of MICROBIOME Science

The history of why the world is buzzing with microbiome talk is one of a multitude of roads leading to one destination. In the adjacent video, Dr. Brei describes the general history and implications and why she believes in the power of the microbiome.

How to visualize


Skin Microbiome
The diverse flora and fauna of microorganisms (biota) that exist synergistically within our skin.

In this video:

  • There are No QUICK FIXES or INSTANT RESULTS: a damaged microbiome needs time to re-establish itself, you can’t rush nature.
  • Your Microbiome is UNIQUE TO YOU: it cannot be purchased in a bottle, or applied in a paste. It must be cultivated, nurtured and protected and nature will do the rest.
  • MICROBIOME DIVERSITY = Strength & Resilience in skin health: the power of diversity is that a weakness is mitigated by the strength of others. In this same manner your microbiome diversity helps your skin during times of stress by automatically adjusting itself to the stressful stimuli.

Dr. Brei explains how to visualize the skin microbiome to fully appreciate its unique importance to your skin’s health.



Behind our Hero Product

How it repairs damaged microbiome and why it works better than any other cleanser / mask.

Dr. Brei explains the science behind our Purifying Mineral mask’s ingredients and how this unique product helps repair and reverse years of skin stress:

  • Mineral Selection – why the NuVsio’s mineral ingredients are key and what each mineral offers.
  • Mineral Bloom Technology – the proprietary Technology that supercharges NuVsio minerals into the most potent product possible.
  • Active Mineral Technology – how microscopic minerals offer a multitude of benefits for the microbiome and skin health overall.

Protect with
NuVsio Mineral Silk Technology


Behind our Hero Product

Why it works better than any other moisturizer.

  • Botanical Oil Selection – discover the skin optimized oils that enhance skin mineral penetration and efficacy.
  • Mineral Silk Technology – the proprietary mineral & oil synergy developed by Dr. Brei.
  • Second Skin Technology – the protective barrier technology that supports the microbiome and shields it from makeup, pollutants and environmental stressors. Only possible with NuVsio.

Dr. Brei explains the science behind our Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate’s ingredients and how this unique product helps protect and support skin’s essential microbiome like no other product on earth:

RESTORE your skin’s health with the highest potency products on the market

Supercharged ingredients offer supercharged results!

Active Treatments
2 Hero Products

Step 1: Purifying Mineral Mask
Step 2: Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate

Discover why ingredient activity and potency matter for long-term microbiome & ultimate skin health.

Skin Optimized Range

ENHANCE your skin’s health with high potency skin optimized serums

Microbiome friendly with a power punch for deep skin health
ENCHANCE your skin
To the next level

AM: Skin Optimized VITAMIN C SERUM