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JET SETTER Collection

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$275 USD ($334 CAD) VALUE





You’re the busy traveler, on and off planes rip-roaring to your next meeting. For you we offer our travel friendly options: a multi-functional NuVsio 35 ml Purifying Mineral Mask + 35 ml Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate + 30 ml of each of our Retinoid, HA B3 Hydration, and Vitamin C Skin Optimized Serums. Up, up and away!

35 ml Purifying Mineral Mask: The formula is enriched with a proprietary blend of natural active minerals from ancient mountains and sea beds that heal and rejuvenate skin texture by normalizing skin’s pH to protect skin’s natural barrier function, absorbing excess oil and removing impurities. The skin is left feeling refreshed, smooth and radiant.

Purifying Mineral Mask 35 ml

30 ml HA B3 Hydration Serum: This highly concentrated, water-based skin microbiome friendly formula keeps skin moisturized for up to 72 hours. Plant-based actives in the formula reduce hyperpigmentation and can decrease brown spots ~30%. Niacinamide is added at skin optimized concentration to help improve skin texture and help strengthen skin’s protective barrier. When used regularly 2x a day, this serum provides superior hydration, improves skin health, brightens, evens skin tone, reduces inflammation, and diminishes the look of dark spots and wrinkles.

Skin Optimized HA B3 Hydration Serum

35 ml Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate: This potent botanical infusion containing a proprietary blend of ancient minerals creates ‘second skin’ film barrier that repairs the skin from within, blurring fine lines, supporting cell renewal, and helping re-balance troubled skin.


AM: 30 ml Skin Optimized Vitamin C Serum: This exquisite lightweight oil-based serum brightens, firms, evens skin tone, and reduces the look of wrinkles. The advanced Skin Optimized Vitamin C Serum contains one of the most stable forms of vitamin C in a highly-absorptive formula to leave your skin exceptionally soft, brightened, and luminous. The skin microbiome friendly formula enhances barrier function and supports collagen production. With regular use, this potent serum helps achieve a radiant and healthy tone, while reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Great for all skin types.

Skin Optimized Vitamin C Serum

PM: 40 ml Skin Optimized Retinoid Serum: This unscented lightweight hydrating serum is in a highly-absorptive skin microbiome supporting formula that delivers dramatic results for aging and acne-prone skin. The Skin Optimized Retinoid Serum helps renew skin plumpness and elasticity gently and effectively. It also reduces breakouts and hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin refreshed and radiant. Our advanced retinoid formula helps rebuild skin’s collagen while filling in lines and wrinkles. Synergistically formulated to be less irritating than other forms of retinol making it a great choice for sensitive skin.

Retinoid Serum 40 ml

Additional Info

Kit Contains a total Retail Value of $272.50 USD

One 35 ml NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask
One 30 ml HA B3 Hydration Serum
One 35 ml Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate
One 30 ml Skin Optimized Vitamin C Serum
One 30 ml Skin Optimized Retinoid Serum

1 review for JET SETTER Collection

  1. Ken A.

    I travel with this travel kit all the time. It has all NuVsio essentials that I really love. I just wish they made the Cleansing Oil in travel size as well so I can take that with me as well 😉

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