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HERO Collection

(85 customer reviews)



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This therapeutic duo offers the skin all it needs for optimal purity and radiance: a multi-functional NuVsio 120 ml Purifying Mineral Mask + 35 ml Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate are paired together with our Metal Compression Key and all are packed delicately within a beautiful gift box. These two active mineral therapy products will help restore a healthier looking complexion and rebalance troubled skin.

120 ml Purifying Mineral Mask: The formula is enriched with a proprietary blend of natural active minerals from ancient mountains and sea beds that heal and rejuvenate skin texture by normalizing skin’s pH to protect skin’s natural barrier function, absorbing excess oil and removing impurities. The skin is left feeling refreshed, smooth and radiant.

Purifying Mineral Mask

Metal Compression Key: Ingenious and effortless tool enables you to squeeze your prized NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask to the last precious drop.

Metal Compression Key


35 ml Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate: This potent botanical infusion containing a proprietary blend of ancient minerals creates ‘second skin’ film barrier that repairs the skin from within, blurring fine lines, supporting cell renewal, and helping rebalance troubled skin.

Additional Info

Kit contains a total Retail Value of $130.50 USD

One 120 ml NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask
One 35 ml Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate
One Metal Compression Key

85 reviews for HERO Collection

  1. Margaret

    A wonderful gift set, the products are beautiful and the trial size balm really lasts. I will upgrade to the luxury size balm and maybe the smaller size balm again to have one for home and one for travelling.

  2. Sophia

    I bought this new beautifully packaged set as a gift but ended up using it myself. The products allow serums and creams to penetrate deeper so you see better results. Love it!

  3. Donna

    A wonderful gift set, the products are beautiful and the trial size balm really lasts. I will upgrade to the luxury size balm and maybe the smaller size balm again to have one for home and one for travelling.

  4. Anton

    We use Active Mineral Facial Treatment for over 6 month now and my wife and I both love it!! I can see my face skin became visually smoother and younger (I’m 42). I couldn’t recommend this product more.

  5. Elle

    Im 47 and my skin felt really sluggish. After about a month of using nuvsio treatement set I began getting comments on how young my skin looked. I feel amazing. Thank you Dr. Brei!

  6. Sarah

    NuVsio has done wonders for my skin. With it being all natural minerals detoxifying my skin, I look better and feel more confident knowing my skin is healthy and radiant!

  7. Remy

    This Mineral Set is a game changer! Helped my eczema and the skin feels better each and every day. Thank you Dr. Brei!

  8. Matthew

    I love both products! My skin is combination, so I wasn’t sure if this will work for me, but it definitely did! My skin is so soft and smooth. No more roughness. Even my blackheads are gone! The pores are totally less visible. I really love this skin balancing formula!

  9. Nerine A.

    The NuVsio Mask is amazing! Being Jamaican I have super sensitive skin, and living in a cold climate does not help. I and have tried many products but none of them gave the desired result. My skin was dry and inflamed and the texture uneven. After just one use with NuVsio there was a remarkable improvement. Overnight, after just one use my skin looked visibly healthier and felt smoother. What was amazing is how my pores diminished. I definitely recommend this product! Thank you NuVsio!

  10. Thom

    I’ve had a strange redness around my nose for years, always pops up during the winter. I don’t wear makeup, but my friend suggested the NuVsio Mask Balm may help. After only 3 days of cleansing with the mask and applying the balm I’m 100% clear, for the fist time in many years. Perhaps it was a microbiome issue or perhaps the formula just helped calm my skin. Whatever it is thank you Dr. Brei!

  11. Polina

    The best combination to make your skin glow. This product shows immediate results. I was surprised to see my skin improving after one use only.

  12. Jennifer

    I can’t travel without this duo. It gets my skin baby soft, clear and polished. And apparently its good for the skin microbiome too! Thank you Dr. Brei for these two staples in my skincare routine.

  13. Roxy

    I had a terrible reaction to a peel-off mask. My skin is dark and I got an awful dark discoloration after. So I turned to NuVsio for help. It really brightened up my complexion so that nasty dark irritation is long gone!

  14. Lucy G.

    My skin really started to change after I had my baby. NuVsio helped me manage my breakouts naturally. No harsh acids or benzoyl peroxide. Just the power of pure minerals in a really effective skin microbiome friendly formula. Its a YES for me!

  15. Alexandra K.

    The face wash (Purifying Mineral Mask) and the moisturizer (Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate) are so effective and really brighten and resurface the complexion naturally. It is the foundation for my skin care routine. I always use these 2 products to achieve a healthy radiant glow naturally. No nasties, not tested on animals, super effective skin care!

  16. Rachel

    I am well into my mid 40’s and looked like I am in my 40’s until I started using NuVsio. It has been a year and I get complements on my skin constantly. People think I am in my 30’s! I love that! Thank you so much for figuring out how to solve multiple skin problems with 2 easy steps!

  17. Tatiana

    I am in my 60s and I look like I am in my late 40s thanks to the Purifying Mineral Mask and the Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate. I use the Mask as a nightly wash and a deep treatment once a week and the balm day and night. This really gives me baby soft skin, blurs fine lines and wrinkles, and evens out the skin tone. The skin microbiome is definitely looking balanced thanks to these 2 products.

  18. Kelly

    I love how the combo of these 2 products allows other actives from serums and creams to penetrate deeper to yield faster results. I tried this with retinol and it is amazing. I heard they are coming out with their own Skin Microbiome friendly formula of retinol product. I am definitely going to buy it. Love everything from this brand!

  19. Natasha

    Over 50 benefits in 2 products! Do I need to say anymore? My skin thanks you!

  20. Sandy

    This has helped me in as little as a month with my severe acne and acne scars. My skin is already looking much better and more calm. Wow! This is a must for anyone seeking a holistic skin care treatment.

  21. Vesna

    My skin is changed! I am a new woman. Skin microbiome supported, skin protected, and a radiant glow all over. Thank you NuVsio!!!

  22. Victoria

    I never thought that a skin can change so much from a skin care product, especially a natural one. But now I am a believer! It has been 2 years and my skin just keep getting better. What an incredible mineral product. I will never use anything else.

  23. Wlada

    I used to spend a fortune on the right cleansers and creams to find what suits my ‘skin type’. All this time what I needed was NuVsio in my life! Now you are here to stay for the long term.

  24. Chris

    As a man I was apprehensive in using a skin care product for my face. This face wash and moisturizer routine is definitely easy for me. I wet my face, cleanse it with the Purifying Mineral Mask. Then rinse and seal with the Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate. Easy and effective! My skin has been looking good ever since.

  25. Sam

    These 2 products is all you need for perfect skin and that dewy complexion. I love how nice everything smells and works. I am a customer for life!

  26. Will

    This is for anyone who wants to continue on a holistic and natural path in life. It perfectly complements a vegan, gluten-free, natural, organic and clean lifestyle. Plus it is a very powerful skincare. Works so well and results are cumulative. The more you use, the better your skin gets. You got me hooked NuVsio!

  27. Vlad

    I have been using the Active Mineral Facial Treatment for 3 years now. I didn’t know that it supports the skin microbiome while protecting the skin. I can definitely see that my skin is nothing like it used to be. Lines and dullness is gone. Skin is so alive and clear. Just what the doctor ordered!

  28. Stephen

    Purifying Mineral Mask has trillions of minerals in a small squeezed amount! That blew my mind. It is so very potent and effective which is why I never let it dry on my skin. Also the Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate stays on top to form a protection layer. Almost like a second skin from pollution and environment. I definitely need this on a regular basis living in the city!

  29. Dany

    Best 2 products I have ever used. Changed my skin forever.

  30. Vicky

    Love the mask and balm duo. My skin is glowing, protected and skin microbiome supported. With so many benefits and no drawbacks, its a no brainer that I choose NuVsio.

  31. Brianna

    I LOVE MY SKIN! Never did I expect for a product to transform my skin but here we are. I am writing to let you know my story and I hope that NuVsio will change the health of your skin too!

  32. Valentina

    NuVsio Active Mineral Facial Treatment is just 2 products with a lot of Technology and Science behind it. It really shows up in the products performance. My skin loves this!!

  33. Tracy V.

    If you want a spa facial at home and those spa facial results, this is it. My skin doesn’t need any extractions after using this for a year. Pores are clean and clear, face is glowing. What else can you ask for.

  34. Joseph N.

    I got a sample of the purifying mineral mask from my local spa and fell in love with it straight away (I love a good clay mask). But this is much more than a mask, and it was apparent from the first use. I use it right after cleansing and I always put it on wet skin. A little goes a long way and is worth the price for what it does. It rinses off quickly and leaves my skin silky smooth and bright. It takes away any excess oil without drying or tightening the face. I use the balm right after to seal for a real silky smooth feel. Now I purchase the gift set since I use the two products regularly in my routine. Excited to try the Skin Optimized Retinoid Serum next, I am sure it won’t disappoint.

  35. Sveta S.

    These two products I love so much! They clean and moisturize my face and it feels so soft and smooth. I am in love with the mask and balm from the first use.

  36. Serod

    This purifying mineral mask and mineral enriched balm concentrate are incredible additions to my skin care routine. I use the mask 2x a week as a deep treatment in the shower and always on wet skin. Then follow with the balm. I squeeze a small amount and use it as my moisturizer day/night. You can feel the difference, my skin is dewy, silky, and not greasy! The best stuff I ever purchased.

  37. Mikaela

    I love using mineral masks (although this is more of a cleanser type product), but was always hesitant of putting oil on my face since my skin is really sensitive. I tried a sample of the balm first with my mask order and it totally changed my opinion of oils on the face, my skin and my life! I face gets red easily, so I tried a little before heading outdoors in the cold windy weather. Well my face looked awesome even in such terribly cold weather! I add it to my foundation too for a nice silky smooth finish. I am thinking of getting the luxury size balm now that its in stock again!

  38. Travis W.

    Why isn’t this sold in every store?? This is just the best little secret and I want everyone to know about it! I have combination skin and these two miracle products completely balanced out my skin. I get complements on a daily basis and am actually proud to show off my skin, if that makes any sense. You won’t ever need to spend cash on another bunch of skin care products ever again.

  39. Jan

    I find these 2 products very versatile. The mask I use nightly as a cleanser to keep my skin in check and then 1x a week as deep treatment. Plus spot treatment if I have any pimples pop up unexpectedly. The balm I use as a moisturizer, eye cream, and add it to foundation for amazing glow! I use up the tube fast in the winter, because I need that protection from the rough cold winter months. And I use up the mask faster in the summer, since I need to keep my skin fresh and clean from the crazy summer heat.

  40. Tayler W.

    I have combination skin, so using the purifying mineral mask made sense, the balm is the one I wasn’t sure about. But this is different from any oils I have ever used. It feels thick like petroleum jelly but is very light and absorptive. I love to slather it on in the evening and mix it with my sunscreen in the morning because it makes the skin look really hydrated and bright.

  41. Fiona R.

    Love the mask. Use it as a 2x deep treatment and the skin looks really clear and clean. I nevr used facial balms before and was worried about how its going to feel on the skin. I felt like there is a layer on the skin when you add it on, that is the protction i guess. But now i am really hooked on it and my skin just keeps getting healthier looking and really radiant. In the cold winter months I use the balm on top of sunscreen too and I love how it feels. It even softens up my lips! I used some on my baby’s diaper rash too and it worked miracles!

  42. Justin P.

    This is very different stuff from anything on the market. I still don’t fully understand how a clay mask can do the things it does, but clearly there is more than just some dirt in a tube that is being involved here. Now I see how every other clay mask I ever used was a waste of money. I should have saved up for this Purifying Mineral Mask all these years. And the moisturizer Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate feels really nice and makes my skin so soft. My girlfriend keeps asking what’s my secret, but I am afraid if I tell her, I won’t have any left for myself LOL!

  43. Joe N.

    Love these 2. You have to try it to see what it can do for you. Great stuff. Period.

  44. Tyler W.

    I initially received this as a gift from a loved one. As I understand it, the instructions in the brochure that come with the kit are instrumental for getting the best results. I used to let the mask dry and that was way to intense for my skin. Apparently I was doing it wrong. You are supposed to put it on wet skin, massage, and rinse. This method really changed my life and my skin. The balm is also really great. Feels a bit like an oily gel, but I got used to it seeing how it really calmed my skin. It smells really nice too. Now I buy my own set, but if my friends want to treat me, I am not opposed to it 😉

  45. Mikaela

    I have sensitive skin & I need to proceed with serious caution when trying/using new products. Some of the essential oils kind of made me cautions trying this line. But luckily they carried it in my local spa, so I got the samples to try before I buy. I really loved it because I can’t typically use exfoliators as even those that claim to be gentle can irritate my skin and leave my barrier feeling damaged. The Purifying Mineral Mask worked its magic with zero irritation. Love this for the miracle minerals that have been activated and are left behind after rinsing to protect the skin barrier and support skin microbiome. The mask works even better when combined with Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate. It didn’t cause any reaction and was really gentle and silky smooth. I use very little and sometimes mix it with Argan Oil for extra moisture. I have been using this for about 4 months and I have to say my skin is really clear, smooth and glowing. It is always nice when people give me complements on my skin. This is why I decided to write this review. I hope this makes a difference for you too. I recommend the Gift Set for even those with sensitive skin, like myself.

  46. Will

    The Purifying Mineral Mask is a very gentle and effectve exfoliator that is also protective for the skin microbiome. I really was skeptical that it works because I am used to feel the grittiness, but this works without feeling the grit. Plus it doesn’t leave my face feeling tight. The important thing is to keep it wet and apply on wet skin, ALWAYS. I never let it dry. I bought the travel sized one too, that’s how bad I am addicted to this stuff. The Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate is a great moisturizer. I stopped using conventional creams and lotions. Never touching the white stuff again. This opened up my eyes about what a good skincare should be.

  47. Justine

    I stay away from physical exfoliants as are too harsh on my dry and sensitive skin and instead I use chemical ones (different skin acids) to get rid of the dead skin cells. The Purifying Mineral Mask is the only exception for me since it is very gentle on my skin, yet very effective and leaves it so soft and smooth. I use it twice a week as a deep treatment in the shower and I just love the cooling sensation it gives while I apply on the skin. My skin is much lighter too. It gets rid of any redness. The Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate is really nice and moisturizing, but I use a tiny amount that I spread on my palms and then press into the skin. It is enough to keep my skin protected all day.

  48. Jollene

    I was the first mask that I have ever tried and I am in love! My skin is so smooth and bright. I started to get complements on the street about a month into it. The balm also gives me a real smooth satin finish that is really soft to the touch. I am not sure how the balm feels so thick, but there are not butters and waxes or petrolatum either. Just minerals I guess and it feels heavenly. It also doesn’t make my skin greasy and it smells amazing. I slather it at night to wake up to the most glowing baby smooth complexion.

  49. Anne M.

    I work in beauty industry so I get to try quite a few skincare products on a daily basis. Facial masks and oil-based moisturizers are my staples since I have combination skin with occasional breakouts. The Purifying Mineral Mask has lived up and beyond my expectations as a spectacular facial cleanser that is good for your complexion and a problem solver. The Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate is a beautiful silky formula that leaves my skin nourished and hydrated all day! I use it at night as well and wake up to a smooth, glowing, supple skin that my foundation just glides on top of. It is an absolute MUST!

  50. Marco L.

    This is a MUST HAVE for anyone with skin! This is absolutely the BEST cleanser and facial balm on the market. The mask is gentle, non-drying and easy to rinse off. The balm glides on like silk and immediately leaves the skin hydrated and nourished. I use it right after my day/night cream, applying to the face and neck. It seriously feels like heaven.

  51. Josephine S.

    At the moment I’m using this once a week (I know it is recommended as a nightly cleanser), as my skin is still quite young and supple. I’m sure as I get older I will start using this daily. The moisturizer I use 2x a day and it is amazing. I especially love mixing it with my foundation and it leaves the skin just wow. Overall since I have been using these 2, my skin is glowing, pores are smaller, skin brighter, and face looks like a baby’s bum.

  52. Sessil

    As a man I really was looking for a quick routine. This is it for me and it is very effective. I use the Purifying Mineral Mask in the shower and the Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate as my day/night moisturizer. Such a simple 2-step routine, but so effective. And it doesn’t have any of the bad chemicals and preservatives which makes me confident that this stuff is clean and really works. You won’t regret trying this!

  53. Mikaela

    I love all the nuvsio products! They work so well. I was about to give up on clear glowing skin until my aesthetician recommended them. I am so grateful to NuVsio and Dr. Brei. Thank you for creating them!!!

  54. Kenneth

    This is really the biggest secret of the universe! I use this all year round and in several ways. The Purifying Mineral Mask is my cleanser and deep treatment, plus spot treatment. The Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate is great when I tap it all over my face and neck, especially after exfoliating with the mask or when I’m dryer than usual due to crazy weather. The balm I love to dab on my eyelids, wrinkles around mouth, neck and chest. I also use it with other products. For example, in winter, I add some to my rosehip oil. Love this duo! Now I am ready for the Skin Optimized Retinoid Serum 🙂

  55. Rodney S.

    This product is honestly one of the best masks ever! I can’t say it enough. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth, polished and its so gentle. Also, it is very easy to remove so it won’t damage your skin like some others in the market. It actually protects your skin the more you use it! The price point is definitely a little on the expensive side but I can honestly say its worth it. I first got this in travel size and I got the balm sample to try which I also love. Since then I have been using it for 3 years now and my skin actually gets better every year!

  56. David T.

    Why doesn’t Nuvsio make another face mask? Why mess with perfection. My skin feels refreshed and less red. My rosacea is under control thanks to using the Purifying Mineral Mask as a cleanser in the shower daily. You can feel the quality of it just upon application, would recommend! Plus the balm is very nice. It feels like a silky gel. My skin feels just like satin afterwards. These 2 are everything!

  57. Charlie E.

    This set of mask and balm have saved my skin. The minerals in it are very gentle and protective and I definitely see results.

  58. Wilmer

    I had acne all my teenage years into early adulthood. I have to say that the mask and balm duo changed my skin. No more acne, no more rough ugly skin. Finally I feel like myself. Thanks Dr. Brei for creating this!

  59. Jimmy R.

    These 2 products are amazing! I have combination skin and it seems to nourish the dry areas while sucking out oils of clogged pores in my T zone. Genuinely best I have ever tried and I will never buy another mask or balm now. Really worth the money.

  60. Gail O.

    This mask and balm are a real treatment. You can experience a bit of cooling sensation with the mask which I love. Skin feels very clean, but not dried as with all other mud masks. And the smell is incredible. Smells like a spa in a tube. Plus no chemicals which is a big factor for me when I make my purchase. Have ordered bigger size of the balm too, as I am absolutely in love with my new silky skin!

  61. Colin B.

    This is my favourite mask to use as a nightly cleanser for that calm radiant glowing skin. I can really see the difference in softness and plumpness of skin after. I always pair this with the mineral balm to make my skin glowy and dewy. And always do the deep treatment with the mask the day before a big event. It definitely pays off!

  62. Antonio M.

    I super love nuvsio! My skin is combination to normal, blemish prone with huge pores. The purifying mineral mask makes my skin soft and bright. The best part: my pores actually look smaller and I stopped going for extractions! I typically order the travel size of the mask too, since I always needed in my carryon. I

  63. Bobby V.

    I can’t say enough about this set. I love everything about it. The first time I applied on my skin I was blown away. The balm feels like vaseline, but isn’t. Much lighter and doesn’t suffocate the skin. Feels like satin that covers the entire skin. I can and will get used to this!

  64. Torry B.

    The active mineral facial treatment does as promisses and gets the skin to healthy and glowing complexion. I forgot the last time I had a breakout or skin redness thanks to this stuff. The results did take time. For me about 2 months to see real difference, but what a difference!

  65. George

    Guys this set with the mask and balm saved my skin! I use the mask as a cleanser in the shower and then seal with the balm. My skin is so nice and smooth, I keep getting complements. I love this stuff. And its actually good for the skin and environment ;).

  66. Hugh

    I think a lot of people mentioned this already but this is really the best kit for skin salvation. I use the mask as a cleanser nightly and seal with the balm. Best skin ever!

  67. Haden

    Hero kit is all you need for a skin glow out of this world!

  68. Ivana

    This is my favorite gift set from NuVsio. It keeps the skin radiant and clear with 2 easy steps. The Mask and Balm combo helped me with my rosacea as well as dermatitis. I just am so thankful that I tried this line after my spa aesthetician recommended it (she also uses it).

  69. Greg L.

    Great products, skin is looking better every week. I want to see how it will change in a year. Very happy that I found this line.

  70. Erena R.

    Purifying Mineral Mask is one of my favorite masks by far. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Unlike other masks on the market, it does not leave you face feeling dry and actually changes the texture and feel of your skin. Even minimized my redness drastically. Also, it combo with the Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate my skin feels silky soft and I noticed the facial skin is actually thicker so there is some magic collagen building that is happening for sure. Would love for Dr. Brei to tell more about it.

  71. Samantha

    I love the HERO SET! The purifying mask and mineral balm combo work together so well, I stopped using my old boring face cream and every other mask. My face needs these magical minerals and it is definitely looking thankful 🙂 #nomoreredness #nomoreacne #lovemyskin

  72. Bettina M.

    Love these products. My skin felt softer and smoother with the first application. I LOVE IT.

  73. Pam

    What an incredible skin microbiome salvation duo. Cannot live without. Even travel everywhere with it. And I agree that husbands need to get their own. I don’t let mine mooch off of my skin care products. With Nuvsio I draw the line! 😂

  74. Clare

    Try this set before you start anything else and your skin will drastically change, guaranteed. It did such wonders for me, wow! I love this simple 2-step routine for healthy and glowing complexion. 🙌🏽

  75. Steph

    Never thought that a mask and balm combo can change the health of skin so much. Love to use the Purifying Mineral Mask as a face wash and Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate as my sole moisturizer. Absolutely incredible products!

  76. Steven D.

    Love this set. Can’t say enough amazing things about it. My acne cleared and so my rosacea after about 6 months of use. It really does work!

  77. Stephen W.

    5 star rating eye balm! And you can use it as a face moisturizer!

  78. Joseph T.

    I love this set. I have been using it exclusively for 3 months. I am in my 30s. My skin is flawless!

  79. Vivian

    LOVE THIS SET. I recommend it to all my patients. I am a naturopathic practitioner.

  80. Brian G.

    I found this brand at Pure + Simple and my skin has never been the same since. I recommend starting with the HERO Set and then after a few months adding on the serums (love the HA B3 Hydration Serum!).

  81. Frank B.

    Wonderful products, never tried anything like it. Took a few weeks for the skin to get used to the new routine. Now I am never going back! Thank you Dr. Brei for developing these incredible products.

  82. Jaime H.

    Love the Mask Balm combo. Skin is looking on point!

  83. Max

    Love the HERO Set! It is great for my acne-prone skin. I have been using it for 3 weeks and I really am starting to see huge improvement. Way less breakouts and redness. I would recommend this for anyone that is looking for natural solutions for their problem skin.

  84. Steve

    Best set ever! So simple and easy to use: Cleanser + Moisturizer. And my skin never looked better!

  85. Glen M.

    Love this so much! My skin has drastically improved. I love it!

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