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We are very excited to share with you that we have been published in MANTRA magazine! It is a source for Yoga, Health + Wellness, conscious lifestyle, mindfulness, beauty, fitness and organic cooking/nutrition. Pick up your March/April issue today, which is currently on news stands, and can be found at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, Costco, Barnes & Noble, and many more.

Our Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Clean and Green Active Mineral Facial Treatment Gift Set is available here and on Navago Shop online. You can also find us at these retail locations: Pure + Simple, Thair Hair Salon & Spa, Anise Apothecary, Holistic Beauty Bar, The Freeze Clinic, Balkiss, and more.

Thank you for all your support and helping us grow. If you would like to see us in your area, talk to your local eco spas and boutiques.

Wishing you a healthy and glowing skin,