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NuVsio was created to solve founder Dr. Elena Brei’s struggles with her skin. During her doctorate in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Dr. Brei was introduced to water purification, where she closely studied both water and microbiome research. This robust insight and deep perspective into the microbial world offered her a uniquely powerful foundation for her skincare research, where she transcended her knowledge of precious minerals and water purification to skin purification. Successfully treating her own acne and dermatitis and her Mother’s rosacea, Dr. Brei has developed a passion for helping others repair and love their skin with products containing the highest, safest and most potent formulations on the market!

Dr. Elena Brei always emphasizes that your skin’s microbiome is unique to you and is not something that can be purchased. Therefore, NuVsio’s products are powered by Mineral Bloom Technology to nurture each person’s unique microbiome. Derived from nature, her team selects the most effective minerals and supercharges them so that they are activated already when added to the formulation. This is so that you experience the ingredients’ maximum benefits when using their products.

Move Her Forward Podcast and TV Series is a place where you can Listen, Learn, and Level Up! Welcome to the show with your host, Edwina McKennon. On The Move Her Forward Podcast is dedicated to Women In Business. What do chess players and women in business have in common? The best ones are always anticipating their next five moves. We will have thought provoking conversations where our speakers will share their secrets of strategizing their next moves and helping our audience learn, listen and level up! We will be interviewing some of the incredible people around the world―turning their knowledge and experience into actionable advice you can use in your life no matter your profession or industry to build momentum. Our topics range from entrepreneurship, sales, leadership, business and much more!

Listen to the episode HERE