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FLEETSTREET: Stress May Be Wrecking Your Skin – Ignore At Your Peril, Docs Say

“When we think about how stress affects us, our minds usually leap to physical things like insomnia or irritable bowel issues (hello bloating!). Sometimes, we notice that stress plays with our emotional health, ramping up our anxiety or fueling depression. But have you ever thought that stress could wreak havoc on your skin, causing, among other things, premature aging? It’s true – we quite literally wear stress on our skin – and it’s not a good look on any of us.

Toronto-created NuVsio has a line of water-based, microbiome-friendly products that are perfect for those dealing with dryness, or suffering from chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Try their serum, NuVsio Skin Optimized HA B3 Hydration Serum”.

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