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What do you need to look for in a good moisturizer? First and foremost, a great moisturizer should mimic and synergize with your skin’s natural process and should mimic the sebum and waxes that are naturally produced in your skin. So when looking for skin moisturizers, firstly look for products that DO NOT contain water.  Let me repeat that again, look for moisturizer that DOES NOT contain water.  This may seem counter intuitive. But especially for your face, which needs to be handled gently, a moisturizer that DOES NOT contain water will often outperform a product that does contain water, simply due to the 4 ingredients mentioned previously as you are effectively avoiding those humectants and emulsifiers. Secondly look for products that are relatively pure, that use pure ingredients that do not over-complicate the formula, and that avoid those humectants, emulsifiers and emollients. Focus on a moisturizer that is in it of itself functional. You will find these products generally in a liquid or a paste form. The NuVsio Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate off of our website www.nuvsio.com is composed of natural organic oil and essential oil blends which optimize that moisturizing effect, combining synergistically with the natural skin oils and moisturizers.  This has been my philosophy at NuVsio and this is why I started this company. The Art of skincare is the art of keeping the products simple to use while applying a state of the art scientific approach, utilizing nature to produce products that truly offer a revolutionary efficacy to skin care. Lastly, the moisturizing component cannot come exclusively from the moisturizers but from your skin as well.  The skin moisturizes itself from the inside out, hence these type of oil sealers such as our NuVsio Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate act to seal in that moisture.  These are more protectants and skin sealers, than what the industry today coins as moisturizers. But with the use of any skin regimen, it is important to help and   stimulate the natural exfoliation of the skin. To help with exfoliation, at NuVsio we utilize an ultra-pure concentrated product called the Purifying Mineral Mask which has a microdermabrasion potential without any grittiness.  Our micro exfoliant feels very smooth to the touch, with no grit feel, this is important.  If you look under a high power microscope at a gritty feeling exfoliant, the grit in the product is large.  In fact if your skin cell was the size of a tennis ball, the grit particles would be the size of a truck.   Now imagine a field of tennis balls 20 tennis ball layers deep, equivalent to the 20 layers of skin cells at the epidermis, and now you run a truck over them. That truck will reach down to the base of those layers of tennis balls, damaging the layers deep below.  Often that healthy red glow that you can get from some gritty exfoliants is just a lot of burst capillaries, a bad thing. My opinion is to stay away from scrubs and stick to products that are safe and give you the microdermabrasion effect without the grittiness, leaving you with a silky smooth feeling without the irritation or the red glow that you may have experienced with scrubs. To avoid over moisturizing your skin, choose the right type of moisturizer and follow it with a gentle and ultra-fine microdermabrasion to keep the top skin layer healthy and functioning properly.

Wishing you a healthy, glowing skin,


Dr. Brei, PhD NuVsio Founder

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