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NuVsio was a proud sponsor and guest of FGI Fashion Group International Toronto at Cresta on May 31st 2016. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to meet and learn from many of the world`s fashion leaders. It was wonderful to meet and chat with Canadian Fashion Moguls, including Jeanne Beker (www.jeannebeker.com) over dinner at the event. When I met Jeanne, a ‘fashion guru extraordinaire’, I must say I was star struck and remembered all those years I watched this astounding woman having delightful conversations with world`s famous designers and models as a host of widely syndicated Fashion Television show. Jeanne romanticized the world of fashion and she inspired me as a teenager to begin modeling, perhaps wanting to immerse myself in that glamorous and high-stakes world. However, due to my blemish prone skin, I eventually departed fashion to focus on my passion for science and scientific research. Jeanne and I talked over dinner about our kids, the town where both our grandparents are from, and the most important lessons she has learned throughout her career. Jeanne realizes the world is moving towards a more responsible society to our planet, and we understand better the lifecycle of the things we buy, especially clothing, and where most of them end up (landfill or incinerator). This resonated with me, especially since Jeanne does have her own clothing line EDIT, and yet she finds herself torn between letting people experience a part of herself, at the same time trying to choose a better path. At NuVsio I always knew I wanted to make sure that I leave the smallest footprint and commit myself in making a positive impact to the environment in a world heavy with consumerism. From purest and organic ingredients to our sustainable packaging everything reflects my own brand, NuVsio. We focus on efficacy and thus ingredients that actually work instead of chasing then newest fads. The packaging is not just beautiful and detailed on the outside, but actually further enhances the stability of our high-performance and preservative-free NuVsio Active Mineral product line, while respecting our planet. You can have a win-win, without sacrificing, and live in balance with our world.

Wishing you a healthy, glowing skin,


Dr. Brei, PhD NuVsio Founder