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Recently Organic Authority in partnership with Navago Shop has put together an article about teen personal care products: what to buy and what to avoid. And Organic Authority has generously asked for Dr. Brei of NuVsio to contribute.

2016 study by the Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health at the University of California Berkeley showed a significant decline in hormone disrupting chemicals in study subjects just days after eliminating products that contain them.

While many skincare lines designed for kids are marketed as gentle or natural, a quick glance at the ingredient listings on these products tells a different story. Harsh cleansing agents, petro-ingredients and silicones, and artificial fragrance are found in most of them, even those that claim to be unscented.

Teens still have delicate skin and the goal is to gently cleanse away excess oil, dirt, and debris without stripping the skin of natural oils or moisture that helps it stay healthy. But chemical-laden mainstream skincare has a different effect on teen skin.

“Using expired products can be just as dangerous as using products with toxic ingredients.”

“Most chemicals that we apply daily to our faces and bodies, including teenagers, can compound over time and cause issues of imbalance that we ultimately see as a dry, oily, itchy, irritated, and red (inflamed) complexion,” said Nuvsio founder Dr. Elena Brei. “As a result, many teens and adults feel the need to cover up with makeup to look better.”

If your teen is washing and moisturizing daily and experiencing upset skin, take a look at the products they use. Avoid ingredients from the list below and encourage a healthy diet to keep skin looking clear and healthy.

How to Play It Safe: Nuvsio Mineral Mask & Enriched Balm Concentrate Facial Treatment is the perfect way to introduce your tween or teen to natural skincare.

For the full article click HERE