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This is how we at NuVsio achieve a healthy and glowing complexion. Dr. Brei was able to treat her serious acne and other skin conditions and now you can achieve clear skin! NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask is the first step in our 2-step Active Mineral Facial Treatment. Time to say goodbye to breakouts, pimples, bumps, and blackheads. With regular use you will notice profound changes to your skin's texture. Our products not just treat the issue short-term, but balance skin's pH and support skin's microbiome for the long-term haul. So go ahead, start pure. To transition your skin into Fall and Winter, begin using NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask as a Deep Treatment. This quick video explains some of the technologies involved in this product and how easily you can incorporate this treatment into your current routine, so you can get glowing! For more, please visit us at www.nuvsio.com Wishing you a healthy and happy skin, Dr. Brei at NuVsio