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“You have great skin. It’s glowing. What is your secret?” I constantly get this question. I inherited troubled skin from my parents and suffered with severe acne for years but was determined to change my fate. Skin is the largest organ and readily absorbs and accumulates impurities  from the environment. So how can we keep our skin healthy? Conventional masks and cleansers I used were stripping my skin of its natural oils, leaving it unprotected and irritated, and this resulted in more pimples and ultimately acne scars. Through an ultra pure and scientifically balanced mineral blend packed with essential oil antioxidants I was able to keep the pores of my skin functioning properly. My skin felt smoother, it glowed, and my scars began to diminish.  Furthermore, I was able to help my mother reduce her enlarged pores and fine lines, as well as reverse some of the sun damage her skin endured over the years. When people see us they assume I inherited great skin from my mom, but the truth is that she is the one that inherited great skin from my Active Mineral Facial Treatments. It is never too late to change your skin’s health. So go ahead, Start Pure!

Dr. Brei, PhD NuVsio Founder