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This week I had an opportunity to contribute once more and be a part of 700th episode to a wonderful podcast at Skin Care Talk Radio. I was asked to elaborate on Clay Mask Education and share my knowledge and expertise on the Science behind Facial Masks. I break this down in terms of historical basis and scientific basis. Listen to Dr. Brei’s explanation here and let us know your thoughts. Wishing you a healthy, glowing skin, Dr. Brei, PhD NuVsio Founder Listen to the podcast now: Clay Mask Education

Recently Organic Authority in partnership with Navago Shop has put together an article about adult acne: how to clear it, naturally. And Organic Authority has generously asked for Dr. Brei of NuVsio to contribute, again! If you thought you’d left your acne years behind you but are seeing more breakouts than ever, you are not alone. In adults between the ages of 20 and 40, up to 55 percent battle adult acne. Even those who never had acne as a tween or teen can see blemishes once they hit 20 or beyond. While many factors come into play, that old standby acne skincare from your teen years may be aggravating the problem. It’s also not just the time and money spent looking for ways to conquer breakouts that can be taxing. Adult acne has also been linked to lower self esteem. A 2017 study showed that 70 percent of acne patients in their 30s were most bothered by their appearance, over twice that of any other age group. This age group also reported their acne had a greater effect on quality of life. This may surprise you, but one of the most common causes of continued adult acne may be the products you use to get rid of it. Yes, those conventional acne treatments usually contain some pretty harsh ingredients that are meant to dry the skin. While acne prone skin is often oily, that is not always the case, especially with adult acne. Plus, drying out any skin type with strong ingredients, including extra oily skin, leads to even more breakouts. While both men and women are affected by adult acne, women tend to make up the largest group of sufferers due to the ongoing battle with hormones related to the monthly cycle, pregnancy, pre-menopause, and menopause. If you see breakouts during ovulation or the onset of menses, this could be due to shifts in estrogen and progesterone. Stress reduction is another important factor in keeping the system running smoothly and hormones in check. Getting your beauty sleep and regular exercise are great first steps. YOUR ADULT ACNE SKINCARE PROTOCOL Now for the good stuff … how to get your skin back on the path to clear, healthy, and radiant. Craft a simple protocol for your own skin type and use it regularly for best results. Here are a selection of natural products recommended by the Founders behind the clean, indie brands on Navago, to get

Wondering what is the hype around “skin microbiome”? A recent article published on cbc.ca addresses the question of Skin Microbiome and sheds some light on its importance in our skin care routines. Here a few questions I was asked prior to the publication. “Can you quickly explain the job of the fungi and bacteria on the surface of the skin, aka the microbiome? Why are those found on the skin?”- It’s a symbiosis, we have evolved with them and they’re everywhere.  It’s similar to a butterfly and a flower field, one works with and evolves with the other,  the microbiome was simply too small and unseen for us to notice.  Their job is still under research, but the big picture is that they crowd out bad bacteria and viruses and make it difficult for them to take root.  The skin on the surface has not antibodies or white blood cells, they’re under the skin as such on the surface of the skin our body uses oils and the microbiome to stay healthy. “I have read that people who live together would have similar microbiomes. Have you come across this? Can you explain why this might be? Is it related to environment?” It could be possible, it’s related to the closed environment we live in.  We’re constantly shedding skin and “skin swapping” in our offices and homes.  Think of the dust in your house being mostly shed skin and that skin falling on your body in microscopic quantities, you can see how a microbiome swap is made on the skin. “How would skincare products disrupt the microbiome?” They either bring on board destructive surfactants (detergents and soaps), preservatives, and/or additives as many skincare products are blends of water and biodegradable bacterial and fungi food sources ( think cellulose derivatives, oils etc..). Also their main ingredients such as fragrance may be harmful to your natural state.  The oil in your skin is microbiome food, if you disrupt that by adding silicones or other exotic chemistry you can again disrupt the microbiome. “Do products with a pH around 5.5 help to maintain the pH of the microbiome?” The oil in you skin and it’s fatty acids are what help, this is why skin is slightly acidic. Adding artificial pH modifiers with the hope of getting to a healthy pH is a bit of a false correlation to causation assumption. Low pH does not give a healthy microbiome, but a healthy microbiome

Whether it’s acne and redness, eczema or dark spots, we all face a beauty woe or two from time to time. Stopping by to show us her favourite products to help with some of the most common beauty issues is green beauty expert Michelle Biolodeau, who has solutions for everything from acne to eczema. And yes, NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask was featured as one of her faves for treating skin conditions related to the skin microbiome unbalance, including acne. NUVSIO PURIFYING MINERAL MASK Similar to our gut’s microbiome, there are microbes on the surface of the skin that are beneficial to our complexion. Acne can often be caused by a disturbance in the microbiome, so bringing the biome back into balance is key and that’s where this mask can help. Use twice a week as a proper mask after cleansing, or as a nightly cleanser itself. View the video below: Read the full article here: thesocialctv Wishing you a healthy, glowing skin,

How protecting the bacteria on your skin could help prevent flare-ups. This week Dr. Brei and NuVsio got published in THE KIT magazine across newsstands. We couldn’t be more proud! I was asked to share my knowledge and expertise on rosacea and skin microbiome with Sabrina Maddeaux, a beauty/style expert and columnist. According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, rosacea affects more than 3 million Canadians. Rosacea can be treated, but it can’t be cured. Typical remedies include topical and oral drugs, like antibiotics, and sometimes light therapy. Many sufferers will try just about anything to control it. But what we need is to take care of our skin microbiome as an unbalanced microbiome can amplify skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea. That means understanding these microbiota could have huge implications for the beauty industry, which is why La Roche-Posay and other skincare brands including Valmont, Dermalogica, Dove and Canada’s own NuVsio are turning their focus to this area of research. If your microbiome becomes compromised or unbalanced, your skin may suffer. “Cleansing is the worst step in our entire skincare regimen,” says Elena Brei, a PhD researcher in water technology and founder of Canadian skincare line NuVsio, aimed at supporting the skin’s microbiome. “You should be washing once a day, at night. When we cleanse our skin in the morning with any kind of detergent or cleanser, it’s really an unnecessary step. Just rinsing the skin with cool water is enough to remove any excess product.” While Brei’s stance on cleansing may seem like heresy in the age of double-cleansing, she has an even stronger dislike of physical exfoliants, which can damage the skin’s protective barrier. “A bead in a scrub or polish is as big as a truck, if a skin cell is as big as a tennis ball. If you have a field of tennis balls 20 layers deep representing your skin cells, that truck is probably going to crush quite a few. That’s what a scrub or polish does to our top skin layer, which can really wreak havoc.” NuVsio products contain prebiotic minerals harvested from North America’s ancient sea beds, glacial deposits and the Canadian Shield. The brand’s star product is the purifying mineral mask, featuring a concentrated mineral blend.   To read the full article please click here Wishing you a healthy and glowing complexion,