NuVsio Experience

We at NuVsio are drawn to all things clean, pure and unadulterated. Even our formulas are as simple as possible and yet highly potent and effective. NuVsio’s founder, Dr. Brei believes maintaining a healthy complexion requires NuVsio treatments for balanced, radiant skin. Our skin is our protective barrier which is daily under attack from free radicals, including dust, pollution, sunlight, and smoking. Using NuVsio Active Mineral Facial Treatment daily creates a second skin which protects from environmental damage and over time resulting in smoother skin tone. 

Her unrelenting desire to create a truly spectacular skin purification and skin protection experience inspired Dr. Brei to source the purest ingredients, concentrating them to their maximal purest potential. Dr. Brei’s passion is also her promise: that each NuVsio experience is one of pure luxury, embodying the art of purity through nature and science.

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