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How can we fight the urban pollutants I mentioned in the previous post? For the first two, the air and makeup, the solution lies in your skin care routine. Make sure to cleanse your face every night using a gentle facial cleanser to remove any traces of pollution on the skin. Next step in your skincare routine should be to deeply detoxify and gently exfoliate the skin twice a week, with an effective professional product, such as our NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask. Do NOT be tempted to over-scrub or over-abrade the skin. I would recommend to discontinue using abrasive scrubs all together. Our upper layers of the epidermis act as a shield to prevent from foreign substances entering and penetrating into the epidermis. If we abrade the skin with scrubs, we weaken our skin’s resistance, making it vulnerable to pollutants that may infiltrate the skin and cause free radical formation. The minerals in NuVsio Purifying Mineral Mask absorb into the epidermis while continuously and gently detoxifying the skin through a gentle dynamic massaging with moist fingertips. It is imperative to find the perfect balance of highly purified minerals the skin demands from the right source to defend against damaging free radicals. The invisible thin layer of minerals that the Purifying Mineral Mask leaves behind acts as a barrier and a protective coating on your skin. The oil-based Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate retains moisture as well as further detoxifies the skin by preventing free radical damage, but it also seals the NuVsio minerals and holding them together in a network containing natural oils that mimic your natural sebum. So by using the NuVsio Active Mineral Facial Treatment system you protect your skin from the air pollutants but you also protect your skin from the makeup because the makeup you apply does not attach to the skin layer but attaches to the actual mineral layer that is on top of your skin. And this mineral layer is the one that gets washed off along with your makeup when you use your makeup removers and facial cleansers. For the other pollutants, the three musketeers I mentioned: the light bulb, coffee and sugar, our recommendation and recommendation of all scientific literature is to limit your caffeinated beverages to at least 10 hours before bedtime, which puts your last caffeinated drink just after lunch. And that is the appropriate time as around lunch is when you

What is urban pollution? A definition of pollution is the introduction of agents into the environment that cause unfavorable change. This is the introduction of any agent that produces unfavorable change can be seen as a pollutant. Now specifically with the urban pollution we will look at those pollutants that are present in the urban setting. The first urban pollutant we will talk about is air pollution, which living in the bustling city of Toronto, I myself am exposed to daily. Scientific literature and research shows us that urban pollution can put tremendous stress on our biggest organ, our skin. Air pollutants include fine particulate matter size 2.5 microns and smaller, smog, dust and dirt. These may clogs pores, causing acne and dull grey complexion, as well as age spots, disrupt skin’s barrier, and decrease collagen and elastin production. Long-term exposure to urban pollution can cause allergies, inflammation, eczema, asthma, nausea and blood vessel damage. The second urban pollutant is something that most women do not think about but is there and it’s our makeup. Yes, this pollutant is directed at you ladies, the makeup that we put on every day when we get ready in the morning for work is an urban pollutant that negatively impacts the health of our skin. We feel the need to put this second layer of skin which was designed to be waterproof and remain on all day. In order to remove this makeup we require harsh soaps and detergents, which strip our skin of natural oils and waxes, leaving it unprotected and vulnerable. Due to the pressure put on in our urban settings to look good we buy more new fad products that are supposed to enhance our natural beauty, in turn clogging the pores of our skin and not letting it breathe and function as intended. And if we sweat due to warm weather or exercise while wearing makeup, our pores and glands become blocked by a layer of makeup, your skin cannot breathe, and the buildup of oil, makeup, dirt and dead skin cells can become infected with bacteria and lead to breakouts and irritation. The third urban pollutant is a trio or three musketeers and are: the light bulb, coffee and sugar. These three combined directly disrupt our circadian rhythm. In the urban environment we have busy lives. We are expected to wake up early, yet we